Zen Days Acupuncture offers an ancient healing art form in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your office space.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is based on the theories of Chinese Medicine and has been used for thousands of years to cure peoples ills. It involves the insertion of tiny needles at specific locations on the body to bring the body back into balance enabling optimum health and vitality. Cupping (suction cups used statically or as a massage on specific locations of the body), Tuina (a Traditional Chinese Medicine massage technique), Moxibustion (a heated roll of dried mugwort used over specific locations of the body) and ear seeds (seeds attached to stickers which are placed on specific locations of the ear and left until they fall off naturally), may also be used depending on the body’s needs.

How can Chinese Medicine help you?

Chinese medicine can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, it can also be used as a form of maintenance to keep the body healthy, strong and in balance.

In general acute cases usually take around 6 treatments, while chronic cases can take 10 or more treatments to make a lasting noticeable change. After the initial 6 – 10 treatments, weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions can be used for maintenance, depending on the body’s needs.

Acupuncture helps the nervous system to relax and improves blood flow so as well as managing symptoms it can improve your health on so many different levels – it can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, make you feel better emotionally by promoting a feeling of happiness and wellbeing and enable a sense of calm and connectedness with life and those around you. 

To find out more visit the blog, each week a different health condition is explored, explaining it from both a Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine perspective, demonstrating how Chinese Medicine can help and using evidence to show its effectiveness.

Want to know more?

I offer a free no obligation consultation over the phone, I will let you know how many treatments you may need and answer any queries. If you wanted to book an appointment I will then book you in for a face to face consultation and treatment. To secure the booking I will need a deposit of £20. Once I have received the deposit I will send you a confirmation email with the dates and times of your first appointment, details of your treatment plan, and some general patient information about acupuncture. 

Your first appointment

The first appointment will last 1.5 hours. I will ask a series of questions, look at your tongue and feel your pulse. The questions, and tongue and pulse reading are all part of the Chinese Medical diagnosis process and will enable me to gain a clear understanding of what treatment your body requires.

I will then ask you to check and sign the details on the New Patient Form and also sign a declaration that you have read and understood the patient information forms. Payment must be made before treatment commences. I will then start the treatment.  The needles will be left in for 40 minutes. 

As mentioned above the following treatment plans are recommended for the following conditions:

Acute cases: 2 x per week for 3 weeks, going down to once per week* then once per fortnight, then once per month for maintenance (*depending on how the body is responding to the treatments).

Chronic cases: 2 x per week for 5 weeks, then as above.

Maintenance: once per week/fortnight/month depending on requirements.

Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments will last 1 hour. I will ask and note down any changes in the body, look at your tongue and feel your pulse before treatment, which again will last 40 minutes.